Nail Care – Cleaning Under the Toe Nails

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nail expert Nia Cooper demonstrates how to give a pedicure, including how to clean under the toe nails.

    Nia Cooper: Hi, I am Nia, a Nail Artist at the Erwin Gomez Salon & Spa. Today we are taking you through the basic steps to a pedicure, now I am going to show you how to clean under the nail, push back and remove the dead and non-living tissue from the cuticle, remove calluses and apply the sugar scrub. Now, that Nicole s feet have been soaking from three to five minutes with her cuticle remover, I am going to clean under her nail and push back her cuticles. Again, you want to clean under the nail in a gentle fashion because you do not want to damage the client s nails. When you push back the cuticle, you want to also push back in a gentle fashion, because you do not want to damage her nail bed.

    Again, you want to push back in light strokes. Now, you want to trim the dead non-living tissue from the cuticle. Next, you want to have the cuticle oil and you want to apply it to the cuticle and rub it up with the base of the nail. Now, that her cuticle oil is on the cuticle, I am going to gently stroke up on the base of her nail with the oil. Now, with your white buffer block, you want to gently smooth away the base of the nail. Now, that that is done you want to remove the calluses from top of the toe to the bottom of the foot. While removing the calluses, you want to gently remove the calluses in light strokes.

    Removing too hard can damage the bottom of the client s foot. Now, when I have removed the calluses from the top of her toes, I am just gently removing the dead skin because she does not have a lot of callus build up here. You want to remove wherever you see dead skin. Now, that we have removed the dead skin and callus build up from the bottom of her feet, you want to take the sugar scrub, the sugar scrub is going to exfoliate and buff the feet, top and bottom. You just want to work this in to make sure it s distributed evenly across from calf to the tip of her toes.

    The exfolian is going to exfoliate all the dead skin cells on her legs and her feet. The sugar scrub is used to remove the dead skin cells from the client s legs and the top of her feet. We use the sugar scrub because the callus remover file is too hard and aberrances to use in those areas. Now, you want to place the client s foot back into the pedicure bag. Coming up next, I am going to show you how to clean up the leg and the foot with antiseptic spray, apply Chip Skip, base coat, polish, topcoat, cuticle oil and we are going to seal it all after the Rapid Dry Spray.