Nail Care – Filing and Shaping

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nail expert Nia Cooper demonstrates how to give a manicure, including how to file and shape the nails.

    Nia Cooper: Hi, I am Nia, a nail artist at the Erwin Gomez Salon & Spa. Today we have been going over the basic steps to manicuring. First I am going through hand sanitation, removing the polish, founding and shaping the nails, applying cuticle remover and soaking the hand for the manicure. Right now, I am going to start off by sanitizing my and the clients hands. You want to remove polish and oil from the nails if any. Nicole, she likes her nails squared, so first you want to go on the top of the nail and fall straight across and then you want to go on the sides, so even out the square. Again, you want to go on the top, straight across and then you want to go on the sides to even out the squares. Now, you want to apply cuticle remover to the cuticles. Once the cuticle remover is on, you want to rub it gently over top of the nail and then soak these hands in the manicure bowl. Inside the manicure bowl, I have a slice of a lemon and a lime, I use the lemon to clean off yellowness in the natural nail and the lime is to condition and soften the cuticle. If you do not have a manicure bowl at home, you can use a regular bowl with hot water and antibacterial soap. You want to let this soak for three to five minutes. Coming up next I am going to show you how to clean under the nail.