Nail Care – How to Give a Manicure

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nail expert Nia Cooper demonstrates how to give a manicure.

    Hello, my name is Nia Cooper from the Erwin Gomez Salon & Spa. I have been a licensed nail technician for 11 years. I have been a teacher on the Daily Candy, the Washington Post, the Washington Post Express and the Washington Style Section to name a few. Today, Nicole Surrest and I, we will be showing you the basic steps to manicuring. From sanitation to removing the polish, to filing and shaping the nails, to cleaning under the nails, removing dead cuticle and finishing up by polishing. Now, keep in mind, you want to be sure all of your implements are disinfected and clean from any germ and bacteria. Now, before I begin, I would like to go through all of the products that you will need for your manicure. Antiseptic spray, hand sanitizer, cuticle remover, nail polish remover, Chip Skip, base coat and top coat, cuticle oil, the elevation tray and implement, manicure bowl with lemon and lime, emery board and your white buffer block and with all that being said, let s go ahead and get started.