Nail Care – Trimming and Filing

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nail expert Nia Cooper demonstrates how to give a pedicure, including how to trim and file the toe nails.

    Nia Cooper: Hi, I am Nia, a Nail Artist at the Erwin Gomez Salon & Spa. Today I am going to take you to the basic steps to a pedicure. From soaking the feet to removing the polish, trimming and filing the nail and applying the cuticle remover. Now, that Nicole s feet have been soaking for three to five minutes, I am going to remove her feet from the pedicure bowl. Now I am going to remove any oil and polish from her natural nail. With my implement I am going to trim down her toe nails. Now, I am file and shape her nails. Nicole likes her nails shaped squared. So, what you are going to do is, you are going to file straight across on the top, to get that perfect square and then you are going to go on the sides, surround the edges just so it prevents her from getting an ingrown toenail. Again, you want to go straight across, I think you want to slightly just round the edges. Again, straight across the top and slightly round the edges, straight across the top, slightly round the edges, straight across the top, slightly round the edges. Now, I am going to apply the cuticle remover. Once the cuticle remover is on her cuticle, you want to gently rub it, across the nail bed, of the nail. Once you have the cuticle remover on, you want to place the client s feet back in the water to soak again for three to five minutes. Coming up next, I am going to show you how to clean under the nail, push back the cuticle and to remove the dead and non-living tissue from around the cuticle, remove the calluses and finish up with the sugar scrub.