Name Your Crater on Mars

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Start-up company Uwingu is giving the public a chance to make Martian history by naming one of the 500,000 unnamed craters on Mars for a mere $5.

    Science advocacy start­up Uwingu is giving you the


    opportunity to name a crater on Mars. With over 500,000 craters on the


    Red Planet left unnamed, there's enough to go around.  For just a mere


    five bucks you can name a crater after you, your pet, your Mom, your


    Dad, you name it.  And while NASA might not be referring to Emerald


    Crater as it's next dig site for the rover Curiosity, Uwingu will be using


    the names purchased by it's customers in its Mars map which will be


    made available to the public.  And your money will be used for science


    good!  Proceeds from the naming campaign will go toward “grants for


    space research and education—meaning that with every name you


    contribute you’ll be helping to fuel future space activities."