NASA Video Depicts Green and Blue Mars

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    A new video released by NASA portrays a very different Mars from today with lakes, greenery, and clouds.

    What now is red and dry may have once been lush and green with sparkling water as depicted in this epic video from NASA of what Mars may have looked like 4 billion years ago.  Scientists working on the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution mission or MAVEN, hope to find out if the planet really ever looked like that.  It’ hard to imagine Mars as such, but evidence found by recent orbiters hint at Mars’ potential lush past with water, wind, and rain.  If the atmosphere had been much thinker millions of years ago, it could have been such a place similar to Earth. (soundbyte of the epic music in the video).  I have to say the music in that video is pretty epic.