NASA’s Best Telescopes Join Forces

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    NASA’s new mission called “The Frontier Fields” has three of NASA’s best telescopes working together to find galaxies usually to faint for observation.

    NASA’s going deeper and deeper into the Universe.   NASA’s Hubble, Spitzer, and Chandra space telescopes will work together for the agency’s new mission called “The Frontier Fields.”  Each telescope will be using its own talents in conjunction with the universe’s naturally occurring phenomenon known as gravitational lensing to locate galaxies up to 100 times fainter than could be detected by any one telescope on it’s own.  The trio will first to attempt to unlock Pandora’s box, or well actually the giant galaxy cluster Abell 2744, nicknamed Pandora’s Cluster, where astronomers expect to find never before seen galaxies that existed in the universe’s younger days.  Hubble and Spitzer will collectively measure distance and masses of galaxies while Chandra images clusters at X-ray wavelengths to determine their mass, gravitational lensing ability and any background galaxies with supermassive black holes.  NASA said each “great observatory gives us a different piece of the puzzle.”