Natural Mohawk Hairstyle – Customizing with Shears

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hair Stylist Calvin Smith demonstrates customizing with shears for the natural mohawk hairstyle.

    Calvin Smith: Hello! I am Calvin Smith, hairstylist at Avatar hair Salon & Wellness Spa. Today, I am demonstrating the natural Mohawk haircut. In this particular segment, I am going to be showing you how to customize your haircut for femininity to give a softer look using shears and also thinning shears.

    We have already setup our Mohawk and all we are going to be doing is following the same guideline patterns that we started off with using shear-over-comb work. This gives a more detailed, softer look to your haircut. So what I am going to be doing, I will be taking my same 45 degree scooping action. Only difference this time, I will be using a comb and shears for a softer look.

    Always following the guideline, I am just taking off what we need to take off in bulk to blend the haircut. Keep in mind when you are cutting, always comb over your work because sometimes those things that you might not see, that you can miss and it can take away from your actual cut. So we are going to cut a little bit, comb it back, see what we miss, see if we have missed anything and go ahead and take off the rest. Continue to cut and comb out, just making sure that we get the bulk out. So that everything blends in nicely. Everything is coming together very well, nicely blended. Now we are going to do the same thing on the opposite side. Never changing the line, but just taking out bulk, always keeping focus on the softness of the haircut. Now that we have our shear work done, I am going to take the thinning shears, go through in different steps just to eliminate some bulk in the actual Mohawk line. By taking out the bulk, it creates softness and its also going to create motion allowing the hair to do what you want it to do, once it styled and finished. You can go sparingly because you don't want it to be too mechanical.

    Like I said, any time you are using shears, you want to make sure that you are customizing, not making everything the same. You just want nice, even texture throughout.

    That about does it for the shear portion of the haircut. In the next segment, I will be showing you how to finish your haircut. At that point, we will style the Mohawk and we will let you go ahead and see what the finished product looks like.