Natural Mohawk Hairstyle – Cutting with Clippers

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hair Stylist Calvin Smith demonstrates cutting with clippers for the natural mohawk hairstyle.

    Calvin Smith: Hello! I am Calvin Smith, hairstylist at Avatar Hair Salon & Wellness Spa. Today, I am demonstrating the natural Mohawk haircut. In this segment, I am actually going to be going in and showing you the steps within the natural Mohawk haircut.

    The clippers I will be using for this segment are detachable clippers, guards one-and-a-half, 2 and 3. I will be starting the Mohawk from the side using a 45 degree scooping action from the nape and the front hairline and steps, all the way up to where we want the haircut to stop.

    Starting at the neckline, going in, keep in mind we are always remaining softness. So we are not using real low guards, we will be using really like a middle guard. I am not taking it up too high because we want to always keep in mind the design of a Mohawk and what it should be. Slowly setting up the guideline all the way up. Still keep in mind of the actual wave patterns in her hair, so that we keep the haircut even and also, so that they dont become patchy. So that's the first blade.

    Now I will be switching over to a 2 guard. That's going to be the second section of the Mohawk. Always following the same pattern, we are just changing the blade to take out a little bit less bulk. Same technique, 45 degrees scooping action to give you a nice even blend. Now switching to a three-and-a-half guard which will absolutely be our last guard on this side. Keeping the same pattern all the time, just same pattern that we setup from begin to the end. Taking out even less bulk than before. Always using a 45 degrees scooping action. Taking bulk but not pushing off the line.

    Now we are going to do one steps, one-and-a-half, 2 and 3. Totally identical on the other side. Switching over to my two blade again. Once again, switching to the three-and-a-half blade, taking out less bulk. Always remembering to follow the guidelines that we setup initially.

    Well, that about does it for the clipper section of the Mohawk. In the next segment, I will be showing you how to finish the Mohawk using shears and texture shears in order to produce a soft Mohawk for femininity.