Natural Mohawk Hairstyle – Setting Up Guidelines

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hair Stylist Calvin Smith discusses setting up guidelines for the natural mohawk hairstyle.

    Calvin Smith: Hello! My name is Calvin Smith, hairstylist at Avatar Hair Salon & Wellness Spa. Today, we're doing a haircut called the Natural Mohawk. In this segment, I'll be using magnetic clippers to set up the guideline for the actual haircut. We're going to start at our lowest point, which is going to be around the neck area. Me personally, I like to start from the lowest point and build up. That way you will never have to go back. So we'll start with the magnetic clippers, taking it all the way down to a 0 guard, starting right at the bottom of the napeline, coming in with a 45 degree angle or a scooping action to change the lines. You never want to push the line, just to set guidelines in. So we start our line here at the bottom to make sure it's nice and even, all the way across, on both sides. Everything that you do on one side, you always want to do on the other side. So that way you have a nice even haircut. Starting our lines at the bottom, making sure it's nice and even, making sure everything is clean. Then we would jump directly to the next guard which will be a OA. Doing the same thing simultaneously across, 45 degree angles all the way, not pushing the line but just blending the line. Next we'll be going to a straight 0. Once again, 45 degree angles always. Also, keep in mind all your clients might not have the same wave patterns in their hair. So any time you have a pattern that's going across, you want to cut into it. You don't want to go with the growing curves, you'll leave patches. Every time you go to a new guard, just end up a different line. So now we are off at the top of our clipper. This is as far as this particular one would go. This is actually a 1 guard. Going up, 45 degree angles, taking both, but not pushing the line, setting up for a whole haircut. Sometimes you just want to remove bulk, just like little stray ends that you might see, you can use your own judgment. Instead of just taking a whole different guard, sometimes it's easier just to go ahead and take the clipper and the blade. This is called a clipper-over-comb technique. What you want to do is just graze the stray ends, just to make sure it's perfect and it's nice and even. So now that we've set up our design for the haircut, in our next segment, we're going to be moving on to setting up the design for the actual Mohawk.