Natural Mohawk Hairstyle

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hair Stylist Calvin Smith discusses the natural mohawk hairstyle.

    Calvin Smith: Hello! My name is Calvin Smith, hairstylist at Avatar Hair Salon & Wellness Spa. This is my model Phil. Today, I will be demonstrating a haircut called the Natural Mohawk.

    At the time of this haircut, you could make it any way you want but today we're going to keep it very feminine and very soft to fit her everyday lifestyle, in a way that coordinates with todays society influence. Nice and soft, no lines, edged enough to go out to the club or out for a cocktail party, but also soft enough to going in to work and just be professional in your everyday career. Today through the course of the haircut, I'll be showing you shear work and also blade theory. As far as the blades are concerned, we'll be using a technique called the scooping action. With shear, we're actually going to be starting at a one blade, taking it all the way up to a three-and-a-half blade, a one leaving a little bit less than a quarter of an inch, a three-and-a-half blade leaving about an inch-and-a-half off the scalp. You'll need a magnetic clipper, no guards, detachable clippers. You will need guards one through three-and-a-half. One being the lowest, one-and-a half-blade, two blade and a three-and-a-half blade. We will also need a pair of shears, unisex and also you will need some thinning shears. We will need some edgers for our detail work, just for getting the loose hairs off of the napeline and also around the earline. Also, just a everyday comb for fading and also blending.

    Just to keep in mind, anytime that you are using any type of clippers, any type of hair utensils at all, just make sure you spray with a disinfectant after each use, just to keep germs and bacteria from growing with the new clippers.

    Well, I have been at Avatar since 2004. I started cutting hair when I was 13. Now at Avatar, I focus on haircuts, hair color, hairstyles. I think that all modern women should have at least two of the three, a good shape and a good color to take you a long way. I think we're ready to begin. Let's get started.