Needlepoint – Ending a Thread

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to needlepoint and how to end a thread.

    Susan Battle: Hello! I am Susan Battle, owner of The Point of it All. This video is how to needlepoint and in this segment, I will be demonstrating how to securely anchor your thread. When you are ready to end a thread, say you are at the end of a line or you have run out of fiber or you need to change colors, you are going to turn the canvas over and you are going to gently work your needle into your previous stitches. Being careful not to poke all the way through, to the front of your canvas. Just catch it a little bit, work it gently, pull through, then usually you would go through -- I would go through about an inch of canvas as you did when you are anchoring it at start and then you are going to take your scissors and clip, right next to your last stitch and that's it. In our next segment, I will be showing you some other stitches that you may want to learn later.