New Microsoft Cybercrime Center

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Microsoft unveils its new Cybercrime Center where the company’s Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit will be based.

    Microsoft unveiled its new Cybercrime Center located on its Redmond, Washington campus.  Reminiscent of a Hollywood set, the center boasts huge flat-panel TV’s displaying algorithms, data, and images with tools and software all about cybercrime and of course case files and notebooks for the cybercrime agents.  Here agents will keep tabs on global cyber threats in real time.  They will partner with third-party cyber security analysts and partners for as long as necessary to solve cybercrimes.  Cybercrime may sound silly but it’s a very real and present threat costing consumers an estimated $113 billion per year.  The Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit has already won some big battles in the war on cybercrime, having shut down theCitadel botnet and exposing international piracy rings.