New Shark Strolls on Sea Floor

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    A new shark found in Indonesia walks along the ocean floor.


    Scientists have discovered a new species of shark living in the waters of Indonesia.  But this shark has swag!  Wanna know why?  It walks.  This shark uses its fins to gently glide across the sea floor on its belly as it searches for food and a place to rest.  Called the epaulette shark, it’s actually one of nine walking sharks found all over the world. The mama shark lays her eggs underneath coral ledges and then the baby sharks once born swim around slowly and use their fins to walk along the seafloor to find crustaceans and other foods.  Research say this find is important because it increases interest in the marine life in Indonesia, making it less likely that these creatures will end up in shark fin soup somewhere in China.