New York Film Scout Reveals Secrets

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    New York’s cityscape and streets are featured in thousands of films each year: Eclectic neighborhoods are transformed into locations from all over the world with a little movie magic.

    Amelia Tovey: Moving to Hollywood Studio tour when you live in the Big Apple. One of the world's biggest cities is also one of the world's biggest movie sets. Thousands of New York locations appear on the big screen every year and there are a few lucky New Yorkers who have made a career out of finding the perfect spots for the perfect shots.

    David Graham: My name is David Graham. I am a New York City-based location scout. I was one of the location scouts on born ultimatum so with my job to find the streets and figure out and chase it within Manhattan and downtown.

    New York is interesting despite its hard edge and fast pace, it's really a romantic city. One good place in New York that a lot of people ever looked is The Manhattan Bridge. Everybody is such a strong harmonic notion of The Brooklyn Bridge, but actually if you walk on The Manhattan Bridge you could see the Brooklyn Bridge in the skyline.

    Amelia Tovey: New York City even gets in on the acting. There are some locations in New York that can double as other famous places from around the world.

    David Graham: New York can be anything. I've looked toward New York for everything from an English village and/or city gardens, I've done like Coney Island for this era. We just get by. I just did a job with Natalie Portman and New York was going to be Paris.

    Amelia Tovey: The city-scape in Manhattan is obviously eye-catching, but each borough offers unique location.

    David Graham: Manhattan is awes, Manhattan is the pull-center. Brooklyn is the bridges. Brooklyn is the waterfront. Brooklyn is the creative heart of the city now. Queens is really the global village, you can find any sort of neighborhood, it's possible. The Bronx is green. The Bronx is actually hilly almost mountainous and green. Staten Island is another world. Once have been really strange when I go to Staten Island.

    Amelia Tovey: You might think that scout has seen it all, but New York has surprised even the most seasoned local.

    David Graham: I had a fear about location scouting that in a couple of years I haven't seen and scouted everything in New York and I still find something new everyday.

    I was on the street of Brooklyn right in the heart in downtown and I get to see that street it's like wow. There is still new stuff here. New York is so big and vast.

    Amelia Tovey: Amelia Tovey reporting from New York City.