New York Strip Steak Recipe

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Bryan Davis and cook Rob Carson share their steps to grill the perfect New York strip steak.

    Rob Carson: Hi, my name is Rob Carson. I am a radio personality. And I cook and our purpose with these videos is to bring foodies and families members and friends with the kitchen and also demystify things that you might be afraid to otherwise try.

    Today, Im working with a friend of mine, this is Chef Bryan, of Chef Bryans kitchen at bryanskitchen.

    com. So what are we doing today? Bryan: The New York Strip Steak that were going to grill and were going to serve it with cognac butter. Rob Carson: Oh! I like the sound of that. Bryan: This is the actual Strip line.

    Rob Carson: Ok. Bryan: Ok and as we cut into individually steaks, were going to end up with the New York strip steak. Rob Carson: About an inch thick, thats good. Bryan: About an inch and half thick, yeah. Rob Carson: Excellent. Bryan: This is a mixed blend of olive and vegetable oil. Rob Carson: Okay, good. Bryan: We are just going to sprinkle little bit of that on it. Rob Carson: Now the reason why we are using the vegetable oil blend is that to bring the flash point down a little bit.

    Bryan: Exactly, olive oil burns very quickly.

    Rob Carson: Very quickly, okay. Alright, now what kind of salt are we? Bryan: Kosher salt.

    Rob Carson: Kosher salt. Bryan: I like the kosher salt because its got a cleaner taste, and it's easier for me to work with. The other thing to remember is dont be shy in seasoning it, okay. So we are going to put a little bit of salt, little bit of pepper on them.

    Rob Carson: Fresh cracked pepper.

    Bryan: Fresh cracked pepper. Rob Carson: Very good. Bryan: And then we are going to take them straight over to the grill. Rob Carson: Alright, you just do it one side. Bryan: Well I am going season the other side once we hit on the grill. Rob Carson: Okay, lets go. Lets talk about how quickly who have this sort of fairly high heat, how long we have steaks on it. Bryan: Basically on the first side to mark them, you want to put them on about 2oclock, on the clock face, let them set till you get the nice grill mark on, it's probably going to take a minute to two minutes, then you want to turn it to 10oclock on the clock face, if there is nice grill marks facing the other way, again another minute or two. Rob Carson: Then after you do that, it's time to eat. Bryan: Then we go ahead and flip them over. Rob Carson: Yes. Bryan: Grill them on the one side, you dont really need to focus on marking the second side. Rob Carson: Sure. Bryan: Basically on the grill for total about maybe four minute. Rob Carson: Alright, so we have got these fairly rare steaks looking very nice, nicely seasoned, got to go into the oven at what temperature? Bryan: 425. Rob Carson: And how long are they going to be in there? Bryan: About 8 to 10 minutes. What I was talking about what I follow is 125 degrees, is the remove from the heat source temperature so that the eating temperature is around 130 degrees for medium well. Rob Carson: Okay. Bryan: Okay, and then it aggresses five degree, we are done with this. So, 130 for medium, 135 for medium well, 140 for well done. Rob Carson: And 200 from the way my wife likes, the meat is been resting, it's ready to rock. Bryan: We are going to slice across the grain. Okay. And what I would do in terms of serving this for the fat cat, remove that. And then basically what we are going to do is just kind if pick up the fan at it is and kind of just set it on the plate, beautiful. Rob Carson: Okay, there you go guys, New Strip Steaks, beautiful and simple.