New Yorkers Learn to Sail Around the City

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    The Manhattan Sailing Club holds weekend and weeknight training for adventurous New Yorkers to learn the art of sailing. Sailors can enjoy one of a kind views from the water.

    Tom Holmes: Looking for something fun and unique to do in New York City? Why not learn to sail on the Hudson River. Since the 1990s, the Manhattan Sailing Club has been providing top-notch sailing classes for those adventurous New Yorkers, who love the water and want the wind in their face. Not to mention you can see the most spectacular sites in the city.

    Captain Dave Dobbins: Those are some of the students that actually rigging the boat getting ready for a day out in the water. We will probably spend about 3 hours today.

    Tom Holmes: If you think you don't have to learn think again, there are several sailing programs that are designed to fit into busy schedules. Learn to sail in just one weekend, or take an even course, just one day per week per five weeks.

    Paul Anderson: It's was so much fun, I had a blast. I did a weekend class. So, I got it down in two days. I was really nervous first, the instructor where knowledgeable, I met a lot of new friends, you could see the city in a whole different way, it was a blast.

    Michael Fortenbaugh: For you, don't wait till longer, you have got to get involved today or tomorrow, this will change you're live and make you love New York City more than ever.

    Tom Holmes: So, grab your topsiders, head down to lower Manhattan and learn to sail. This is Tom Holmes from New York, reporting.