New York’s Best Dog Parks

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    New York City boasts numerous dog parks, but picking the right play area for your pup can be a challenge, since each canine haven boasts unique features.

    Steven Diggs: New Yorkers are just wild about their dogs. We hit the street with the mass New Yorkers where their favorite dog parks in the city are. First, this is Washington Square Park, where long time patrons enjoy the wide open spaces.

    Marjorie Reitman: I've been coming to the Washington Square Park Dog Run for about six years. There is shade and they know the dogs who come here.

    Steven Diggs: Next, Riverside Park Dog Run 105 on the west side has impressive features like a caf and bar overlooking the Hudson River.

    You don't have to go all the way into Manhattan to take your dogs for a run under the sun; try McCarren Park in Brooklyn.

    Michael Williams: I'm new to the whole dog culture. So if I were to go to a dog park I'd have to base it on what I've experienced here in Williamsburg and I think that the status is pretty high.

    Steven Diggs: Another popular spot is Carl Schurz Park, which offers a newly renovated surface.

    Sarah Nissim: It's about a year-and-a-half ago, I used to have pebbles and that was always hard on the dog speed. So they redid it and this is now it's sort of the sandy gravely one, and I love it. I think they are just whatever the neighborhood is like, usually the dog park will reflect that.

    Steven Diggs: The most popular dog run is also the oldest. Tompkins Square Park the first dog run in Manhattan.

    Joseph Hutchinson: I've just been coming here for four months, since I got my rescue, Jackie, and he loves it. People are very helpful if you need dog walking tips or dog training tips or --Steven Diggs: Everyone participates to keep the dog parks clean for the rest of the community.

    Joseph Hutchinson: It's very clean but that's most because of volunteers, but we've shovels to pick up the poop, feces. One of the nicer dog parks in the city.

    Steven Diggs: This is Steven Diggs from New York.