No-Filter Makeup: The 5-Minute Beauty Routine

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Instagram gives us our own personal lighting crew. And anyone who has been on television or walked a red carpet can tell you that lighting is key for picture-perfect results. It can highlight your best assets or, alternatively, cast unflattering shadows. But what if you want to look good without the filter? Makeup artist, Gregory Arlt from MAC cosmetics give us tricks to master no-filter makeup at home.

    Kirbie Johnson: If you see a celebrity looking fresh faced, chances are they have had a little bit of help in the makeup department. I am here at the MAC Pro Store on Robertson Boulevard, where we are giving you all the tips on how to look fresh faced this season. How did she get this look? Gregory Arlt: Here is the ultimate red carpet trick. Kirbie Johnson: We are revealing all in Celebrity Secret Weapon. I am here with Gregory Arlt, Director of Makeup Artistry here at MAC. Now Gregory, what are the basics for no-makeup makeup?

    Gregory Arlt: So for summer less is more. It's warm outside, you are by the pool, you don't want to look or feel like you are wearing a lot of makeup, but you want to look good. We are going to start with some BB cream. I love BB cream because it's really sheer, it's light weight, and it doesn't look or feel like you are wearing foundation. It's perfect for those that want to even out their skin tone without looking cakey or heavy. Kirbie Johnson: So we know this look is all about being understated, but you want to throw in a little bit of color too; it is summertime after all. Gregory Arlt: Yeah, you want to look alive, a little healthy, so throw a little bit of color on your cheek. I am using a cream blush in coral. Start right on the apple of your cheek and we are going to blend this right in. So the greatest thing about this kind of product is you can use it for your cheeks and your lips. Kirbie Johnson: So we have brightened up the face, now we want to illuminate, so what products should we use and where should we apply it? Gregory Arlt: Highlighter kind of adds dimension. Take a little bit on your ring finger, and what we are going to do is just tap it on to the high planes of your face; a little on your upper cheekbone, bring it up under your brow, so it provides a really beautiful glow, and then just sort of blend it in a little bit. You can put some down the bridge of your nose. This just brings out your beautiful features; a little bit on the cupid's bow and some on the chin. For the true no-makeup makeup look, skip the eyeliner, so add a little bit of mascara; start right at the lash line, right at the root of the lash, work at a diagonal toward these outer lashes. When you get to the inner lashes, push towards the bridge of the nose and it just gives you some definition without a lot of eyeliner. Kirbie Johnson: Gregory, that was so east, but how do we keep this looking dewy any not shining?

    Gregory Arlt: Well, I think the thing is to keep this area luminous, that we did, but then apply a little bit of powder throughout the day, just on your forehead, and maybe this area where it gets a little shiny. Kirbie Johnson: Okay, awesome, easy enough! Thank you so much! Gregory Arlt: Thank you! Kirbie Johnson: That's all from me!