Normal Beer Pong Play

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Beer game expert Austin Lanham demonstrates normal beer pong play.

    Austin Lanham: I am Austin Lanham and I am teaching how to play beer pong. This is normal game play. So my partner and I each have one ball. We are each going to take our shot at the opposing team's cups. Now the opposing team has two balls of their own for their turn. So in the beer pong game once the ball hits the cup I am allowed to defend the ball, so it is bouncing up in the air I can slide it away so that it doesn't go in my cups.

    During the course of the beer pong game when both players sink each of their balls, its called a Bring Back, they are awarded one bonus shot. So I get this one ball back for a chance to hit a third cup on this turn. Now we have come to six cups, when six cups are left in the rack they will form a new triangle with three in the back, two in the second row and one in the front. This is called a Re-Rack. If at any point during the game a cup is moved from it's normal rack you replace the rack and game play continues. When it goes down to three cups left in the rack, re-rack once again, with two in the back row and one cup in the front. Finally when there is one cup left on their side, the center of the last cup now will be the final rack. When our team hits the last cup then Theo and Jamie will have a chance for Rebuttals but normal beer pong game play will be over. Next we will talk about Rebuttals and Overtime in beer pong.