Nutrition and Stress

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nutrition Expert Elizabeth Blumberg discusses nutrition and stress.

    Elizabeth Blumberg: Hi, I am Elizabeth Blumberg and I am registered dietitian. Today, I will be talking to you about the relationship between nutrition and stress. We will start off by looking at historical prospective of stress, its definition, and the two different kinds of stress. From there, we will talk about something a little more scientific and that's your adrenal gland, which is your stress-coping gland. We will then talk in greater detail about the signs and symptoms that are associated with poor stress management.

    We will talk specifically about high stress foods versus low stress foods. We will talk about the function of these foods as well as quality control, portion control, meal timing, and meal combinations. At that point, we will talk about vitamins and minerals, and then last but not least, node nutrition discussion wouldn't be complete without talk about sleep, water, and exercise because they are extremely important nutrients in ensuring optimal health.

    As I mentioned earlier, I am a registered dietitian, a licensed nutritionist, and I am also a certified personal trainer. I own and operate a private nutrition consulting practice called EB Nutrition. In a nutshell, I use a natural approach in making dietary and lifestyle modifications for individuals with a wide range of health concerns whether it be for cardiovascular health, weight loss, or even stress reduction.

    I make sure that individuals have all of the information and knowledge necessary to ensure success and ultimately to achieve optimal health. So let's go ahead and get started in helping you understand the connection between nutrition and stress.