O-Town Drafts Their Fantasy Girl Band, and It’s Awesome

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    O-Town just released their first single, “Skydive,” from their newest album, Lines & Circles. The boy band we were all obsessed with as young tweens has grown up and produced a sound true to themselves, one that you will definitely be into. How could you not? It’s O-Town, you guys! The quartet stopped by our LA studio to give us a very fresh preview of their latest hit.

    Becca Frucht: So tell me a little about this album, what the fans can expect?

    Jacob Underwood: This is the first like really O-Town album because we had so many players back in Clive Davis and the awesome team they had together, but it was just a huge moving machine. Where this is 70% of the album was written by us, songs produce by us, instruments played by us and the art work done by us, so it just feels like you are getting first full O-Town product.

    Becca Frucht: So what are some of your wildest memories from, you know, from before from touring or just crazy fan stories?

    Trevor Penick: We got hamster one time, early in the game to, like the TV show had just started airing, I went to Toronto, there was like 10,000 people outside this radio station and it was crazy because there is no social media they just like announced it and then all of a sudden they were like oh! We are giving you this hamster and like we can't take it back to the States so we kind of left it and that thing died in a week.

    Becca Frucht: Since you guys of course were on making a band I want a make a band right now, we are going to make a girl band and I have some lovely ladies for you to choose from, you have to pick, you have to pick four, of course like yourselves. We have got Carly Rae Japsen, Miley Cyrus, Jessie Jay, Katie Perry, Ariana Grande.

    Jacob Underwood: All well.

    [Cross talk]Becca Frucht: We still got Demi Lovato, Salina Gomez and Lorde. Jacob Underwood: I think we have four though.

    Becca Frucht: So you got to pick four.

    Trevor Penick: I think this one has to go up through.

    Male Speaker: I think we have those four.

    Trevor Penick: He has to choose either Demi or Miley, so you are choosing Miley?

    Male Speaker: I am picking Demi.

    Trevor Penick: Okay, so Miley is out.

    Male Speaker: Miley is out.

    Trevor Penick: So I suppose these four, it's Ariana, Jessie Jay, Katie Perry, Demi Lavato.

    Becca Frucht: I feel like that band is going to be super successful. But before we go I need a little Acapella taste of Skydive. Do you think you could do that for me?