Oatmeal with Topping Bar

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This oatmeal can be made in large quantities and stored in the refrigerator alone . On busy mornings, just top with the suggested toppings and enjoy a nutritious breakfast on the run.

    Amy Riolo: Hi, I'm Chef Amy Riolo with Harris Teeter and today I'm making a homemade traditional Oatmeal with Topping Bar. To begin we'll need old-fashioned Oatmeal, water, salt, milk, a medium apple, organic maple syrup, honey, granola, chopped dried fruit, mixed dried coconuts and groundnuts.

    To begin making the Oatmeal I'm going to start by boiling two and a third cups of water. I'm going to add to the water just a pinch of salt and my cup of Oats. So we are just going to bring this up to a boil.

    So now our Oatmeal has come to a boil, I'm just going to give it another stir. Then I'm going to add in about a third of cup of milk and once the Oatmeal reaches the thickness that I like it that's when I can come over to my Toppings Bar and start adding my add-ins.

    So once our Oatmeal comes together and starts to thicken to a consistency that we like it we can go ahead and start putting it in our bowl and then take it overt to our Toppings Bar.

    So I'm going to add in I think a little bit of banana and I have my graded apple here. I'll also put some groundnuts, a little bit if coconut, a little bit of raisins and then I'm going to add some honey we are going to still warm the honey really melts and sweetens the whole thing and then you can come and just put a little bit of granola on the top for a topping. This is a vanilla granola with almonds.

    There you have our homemade Oatmeal. Enjoy.