Office Exercise Plan – Standing Stability Ball

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Certified Personal Trainer Michele Ryon demonstrates some standing stability ball exercises you can do in your office.

    Michele Ryon

    Michele Ryon is a nationally certified Personal Trainer through NASM, ACE and Cooper Institute. She is also certified through ACE and Cooper Institute as a Group Fitness Instructor. She has 7 years experience as a personal trainer and 13 years experience as a group fitness instructor. She currently works at Gold’s Gym in Maryland. Michele trains 15-20 clients per week, ranging in age from 25-90. She strives to teach proper form and technique to minimize injury and achieve the best results. She stresses the importance of exercise coupled with healthy eating to promote a healthy lifestyle. She provides a full- body workout designed to meet each client’s individual needs. As a group fitness instructor, Michele teaches 6-8 classes per week. Gold’s Gym provides Les Mills classes and she is certified in Body Step-step aerobics, RPM-cycling, and Body Pump-weight training. She provides encouragement and coaching so all participants get the most out of their exercise while having fun.

    Hi. I am Mitchell Ryon, a Certified Personal Trainer. I am showing you how to do some exercises and stretches that you can do at the office.

    Right now, I am showing you how to do some exercises using a stability ball in a standing position. The first exercise that we are going to do is for the shoulders. We are going to raise the ball overhead and lower back down. So, you want to squeeze at the top on the shoulders and lower down. A nice controlled pace, were keeping the knees soft and our abs are tight and standing nice and tall. So, 15 to 20 repetitions, two or three sets.

    Now, to work the core, get more of the obliques. Again, knees are soft, abs tight, we are going to rotate, you can go side-to-side or if you prefer you can do one side at a time, just come right back to center. So, whichever you prefer side-to-side or one at a time, 15 to 20 repetitions and youll feel that squeeze right in your waist. And then another exercise we can do for the chest is hands outside the ball and we are going to press into the ball squeezing into the chest. So, think about using your chest and engaging those muscles you can squeeze. Now, I am using a small ball, which is probably preferable for upper body exercises. For lower body, you might want a larger ball and especially, if you are taller. If you are shorter then this ball might be great for your lower body too. So, check out and make sure you get the right size ball for your body size. So, thats our upper body exercises using the stability ball. Thank you for joining us for this video. Remember that just because you are at the office does not mean you have to stay at your desk the whole time. You can stay fit and work; get up every few hours, walk around the office, go for walk at lunch, do the exercise, do the stretch, you will feel much more energetic. Youll actually get more work done, to be more productive and youll feel better at the end of the day. So, thank you for joining us.