Oh Kanye, Not Again!

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Kimye’s recent trip to the furniture store has Kanye involved in a Beverly Hills investigation following an altercation between the singer and a bystander.

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    Oops he did again!  We’re talking about Kanye of course. 


    Kanye West has found himself at the center of a Beverly Hills investigation after getting into a little scuffle.  People Magazine reported that the rapper got into an incident with a bystander who wasn’t a big fan of his fiancé Kim Kardashian.  The source close to the star alleged to the website that Kimye were on their way to a furniture meeting to deck out their new home when it happened.  According to People, the  guy was throwing around some pretty offensive terms to photographers and to the famous couple.  And it sounds like Kanye wasn’t having any of it as he went up to the man in question and confronted him.  TMZ claimed that the two men had to be pulled apart.  While it’s unclear exactly what the 34-year-old did, it seems the reported antagonist wants to press charges.  Kanye has been in trouble for his anger in the past having been arrested in both London and L.A. for scuffles with the paparazzi but both cases were dropped.  Let’s hope this time it resolves itself.


    Looks like he just can’t stay out of trouble.


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