Oil Painting – Varnishing and Signing the Finished Product

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Artist Martha Spak demonstrates how to oil paint and how to varnish and sign the finished still life painting.

    Martha Spak: Hi, I am Martha Spak with MLSGallery and I am showing you how to paint a still life oil painting. Right now I am going to show you the finished product and talk with you about varnishes and selections that you may consider. I like to use a spray varnish, after the painting is completely dry and you are ready to frame the piece. I use this in a well ventilated area, again after it's completely dry and when applying, you really have to remember to spray quite quickly in a very even pattern so that you don't get puddled. Once again you have to let it dry a little bit which doesn't take very long and then you can go ahead and frame. Another selection of varnishes is a gel varnish, that can be applied with the sponge brush. This takes a bit longer to dry and it is a little bit more complicated to work with in that It can puddle and have reflections in it, it's something to keep in mind. So the last thing that you need to do in finishing your painting is to add your signature. I have a special brush that I use for my signatures and it is a very small headed brush and it has very fine point and I will dip my brush in a little bit of the liquin that I use, which is more of the gel and I will find a color that is complimentary to our background color, but dark enough to show up and then I have got my brush and I wouldn't recommend putting your signature on in a vertical manner like this. I think it's very hard and kind of unnatural. So I am going to move my canvas, turn on my table top and prop my hand on top of the other hand and now I am ready to place my signature on. I believe it's a personal choice as to how you want to sign your name and make it appear on your painting? So my choice is my first initial and my last name. I am going to go ahead and put the first strokes down of my M, and again it's very personal how you want it to show up and I just check the bases, so it looks completely in place and that's how we add our signature and here is our finished still life painting and if you are inclined to go buy some paints and try it yourself, it's a lot of fun. I enjoyed showing you, how do I do a still life setup and oil painting and I hope you will give it a try. So thanks a lot.