Oil Spill Still Affecting Dolphins

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    The 2010 BP Oil spill has lead to lung and hormonal abnormalities in dolphins that have proved fatal even three years later.


    NOAA has linked the 2010 BP Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to lung damage and adrenal hormone abnormalities in bottle nose dolphins in Louisiana's Barataria Bay.  And three years later its still affecting the dolphins health.  One year after the spill, researchers gave 48% of the 29 bay dolphins a guarded prognosis or worse and 17% were in poor or grave condition.  The majority were expected to die.  And three years later, the spill is still affecting the dolphins.  A rep from Oceana said, "while we have seen an unusual number of dolphin deaths during and after the spill, this report verifies that the oil took a larger toll on dolphins."