Old-Fashioned Chocolate has New York Addicted to Sweets

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Traditional chocolate makers keep New Yorker’s hooked on an array of hand crafted treats.

    Tom Holmes: Li-Lac Chocolates is a New York institution, but few New Yorkers know that they have been making rivers of chocolates since the 1920s and it's the oldest chocolate in New York City. Anthony Cirone is a co-owner and shows us how Li-Lac continues its unprecedented success.

    Anthony Cirone: It started in 1923, by a guy name George Demetrious who was a Greek immigrant, who studied the art of chocolate making in France, and then came to New York City.

    I think one of the reasons why Li-Lac has survived through all these years is because the company has never strayed from its commitment to old school chocolates.

    We make everything fresh by hand, in small batches. This is hundred years old some antique piece, it's the cutter that cuts this into squares that become butter crunch. And this what you're seeing here, this is what make Li-Lac so unique. Its this hand made process, this old row process, and its very hard to find another company that does this type of process, that's why people love Li-Lac, is because they find this very unique very special product that they can't get anywhere else.

    Tom Holmes: Along with this chocolate bars and fudge, Li-Lac Chocolates also serves specially items, using recipes that haven't change since they were created over 90 years ago.

    Anthony Cirone: Butter crunch is one of the signature items that we have, its English toffee; it's a hard piece you bite into it. Its one of the most addictive items that we have. We've got customers who come in everyday who have to have their butter crunch.

    Wendy Kantor: I love the crunchiness obviously, I like the difference in flavor and the texture, it's an old recipe and it's a winner.

    Tom Holmes: So next time you have an urge for chocolate head down to Li-Lac in the west village, or go online. You'll be glad you did. This is Tom Holmes from New York reporting.