Oldest Quarter in the US Brings History To Life

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Colonial Quarter in St. Augustine, Fl takes you back 500 years into the life of the oldest town in the US under both Spanish and English rule. Many activities are interactive for the whole family.

    Janice Jones: These grounds have long been attracting visitors from Pedro Menendez to fourth grade field trips.

    The ancient city's story has been never been more tangible than today at the revitalized Colonial Quarter.

    [Foreign Language]On protected property on St. Augustine's historic district a new light shines on this centuries old story.

    Chad Light: Everywhere you step on this part of property goes back several centuries of human habitation right here on this site. Janice Jones: Here reenactors tour through town regaling visitors with details of old St. Augustine. The attraction covers three centuries of Colonial life from Spanish to British rule.

    Climb the watch tower like a soldier would to oversee his city's safety. At the top look around and calculate the city's most picturesque location.

    Sydney Scalza: It's a lot hands on and it's really fun.

    Janice Jones: Dig into artifacts hidden under crushed seashells. Visiting explorers can let their fingers discover the same way archaeologist do.

    Chad Light: They have a lot of interactives in each section so that everyone has an experience where they feel like they have gotten their hands dirty in history.

    Janice Jones: Stoke your iron skills at the herrrero, look down the barrel of a musket and smell the black powder as you call on the gunsmith at the 17th Century Armadero. And how about this great hands on experience in the leather shop where you can learn the tools of the trade and pound out your own leather medallion? I choose this cool lion. In the 16th century area a caravel, a replica of a ship like Ponce de Leon would have sailed is coming to life before your eyes. Sydney Scalza: It's easier to learn history when you see it, because when you read it in the text book you have to picture it in mind, but when you see it build its easier to imagine people here.

    Janice Jones: The Colonial Quarter offers a taste of history too. The Spanish style Taberna del Caballo and the British bull & crown public house satisfy your cultural cravings and boutique shopping offers treasures inspired by the time periods, immerse yourself in America's earliest history at Colonial Quarter St. Augustine.