Olympic BMX-Bike & Gear

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    BMX expert C J Bunch discusses BMX bikes and their associated gear.

    C J Bunch: Hi, I am C J Bunch and this is how to ride BMX, we are going to go over some tips for you to get a bike and some gear setup right for you. First thing you need to look at is your top two, the rider area from the feet to the handle bar, the crank length is very important to your success in BMX depending on how long your legs are, depending on how long the cranks are. Cranks come in several different sizes, in millimeters from 155 to 195. Next step you need to look at the height of your handle bars whether or not you are too hunched over or too straight up and down.

    When it comes to safety gear your key component is your helmet. Your helmet is going to save your head, save your brain. You really want to make sure, it's got a nice fit and it's the right size for your head. Alright gloves are another key important element, you really want to make sure they fit nice and tight, they aren't too loose, they aren't too sloppy, they are not going to come off your hands. You really want to make sure that they are going to stay on there when you are on the ground sliding or falling down.

    With knee pads, you really want make sure they stay nice and tight and stay conformed your knee. I have had knee pads slide down when I fall, messes up your knees, it is not a fun day in the neighborhood. Well that's all you need to know about gear and your bike. Next we are going to go over some basic riding tips and drill.