Olympic BMX Jumping

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    BMX expert C J Bunch demonstrates how to ride and jump with a BMX bike.

    C J Bunch: Hi name is C J Bunch, I ride for Standard Byke Company and Fringe Clothing and this is how to ride a BMX bike. Today we are going to go over how you can choose the right bike and the right gear for you. We are going to go over some basic riding tips and some drills you can do to help you become a better rider. We are going to go over riding the track, what the track is and what the rules are for racing BMX. I am going to teach to some tips to help you go pro. I have been riding in the NBL for seven years, I am nationally ranked for the past four, state ranked for the past seven, I am licensed with the ABA, the NBL and the UCI. I am currently training for the Olympics in 2012 and hope to be there. Before we start there are a few key ingredients you need, long pants, some close-toed shoes and a jersey and of course a helmet. Helmet saves your head, you need to keep that and you need to keep this. Gloves save your hands from getting scaped up when you fall on the ground and some knee pads save your knees and chins. Next up we will go into how to choose your bike and your safety gear.