Olympic BMX-Tips & Drills

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    BMX expert C J Bunch discusses some basic riding tips and drills on a BMX bike.

    C J Bunch: Hi, I am C J Bunch, this is how to ride BMX. We are going to go over some basic riding tips and drills to get you on a BMX bike and moving fast. The first thing we are going to go over is balance, if you can't balance you probably shouldn't be on a BMX bike. The most important balance for you on a BMX bike is your forward to back, depending on how far back you are or how far forward you are, can determine whether you fall of whether you don't. Balances, balance side to side and front and back, you want to make sure when you are riding on the back of the bike you have your arms nice and straight, not too straight but pretty straight and your butt is over the back of the bike. When you are riding on the front of the bike, you need to be over the bars and your arms need to be pretty much straight down, balancing like that can make sure that you are comfortable riding on the track and going over the bumps.

    Pedaling is very important to BMX, you really need to make sure you have the ball of your foot on the pedal, so you get the most power out of your pedals. Pedaling is its own drill. Control is the key element in BMX. You really need to have yourself to where you can move your hands outside of the bars and really get the finesse on the bike. By keeping your hands on the outside of handle bars you keep your leverage that you have in moving the bike around. It's key to be parallel with your shoulders with the handles bars. One way you can work on your control is keep your shoulders and your bars pretty much parallel and ride through few obstacles that we have set up here.

    That 's it for tips on drills, next we move on to rules and regulations.