Olympic BMX Track Overview

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    BMX expert C J Bunch discusses a BMX track overview.

    C J Bunch: Hi, I am C J Bunch, this is how to ride BMX and now we are going to go over the rules and regulations of the BMX track. First thing is what a BMX track is? It is the series of bumps and berms and a gate that you put all together and it forms one fun racing environment. Some of the rules are, you really can't go inside the white line, there is no really such thing as a false start. The white lines are the things on either side of race track which show you where you suppose to go, if you go inside the white line they can disqualify you or if you go outside the white live they can disqualify you as well, if it moves up your position. Another thing is, is when you are on the race track you can't look over your shoulder and move over. If you can feel them coming and you can move over right on, more power to you, you can move over, all you want as long as you hold your line, if you look over and then move over you are done.

    Number plate, that's a very key important ingredient otherwise they don't know who you are, where you come from or anything like that. As also an announcer I look at the number plates and that's how I know who is who and where you are in the race. You can get your plate any time, any where at any local track, you can get a number plate, numbers, they will give you all of these as long as you can race and have your number on your bike, you are all good to go.

    You also can't come on the track without long pants or a long sleeve jacket or jersey or a long sleeve shirt whatever clothes you bought, whatever gets it done. That's pretty much basic rules and regulations for the race track. Next up I am going to show you how to ride.