Olympic Taekwondo Spinning Hook Kick

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Personal trainer Jonathan Reff demonstrates how to master Olympic Taekwondo spinning hook kick.

    Jonathan Reff: Hi! Jonathan again; we are here at Somafit learning about Olympic Taekwondo. The next technique we are going over the Spinning Hook Kick. The spinning hook kick, again, I am going to start with in fighting stance with my right leg behind me. My target here for the most part is the upper body being the collarbone and the head in. The target area on the head could be the temple or the chin. Again, this is a knockout kick or knockout technique. So, I am facing my opponent; I am going to then very quickly rotate on the balls of my feet. Now, the Spinning Hook Kick, being that it's named spinning, is a circular kick. So as I rotate on the balls of my feet, I am thinking about rotating in a small circle, but again a very tight one, so that my legs stay close to the body, which I have gone over before as being characteristic of Olympic Taekwondo and that's what makes these kicks so powerful and deceptive.

    So I am rotating; as I am rotating, I am going to use a momentum of my, in this case, right elbow to pull me all the way around as my knee is raised of my right leg again because I am kicking with my right leg. I am going to then shoot my leg out, come around, hit the target and spin again a 180 to start from where I began from. That's the Spinning Hook Kick. Coming up next will be punching techniques and blocks.