Olympic Weightlifting-Snatch

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Strongman athlete Travis Ortmayer demonstrates the Olympic lift known as the Snatch.

    Travis Ortmayer: Hello again, this is Travis Ortmayer with Athletic Nation. In this video segment I am going to teach how to perform the Olympic lift known as the Snatch and what this is, is you take the bar from the floor, hands very wide on the bar, wide grip, you are going to start on the ground crouched, pull the bar all the way overhead in one swift motion, stand up, feet in line that's a good lift, then take it down. Some of the technical points to remember, feet in a jumping position, again I went over this in the Clean and Jerk video, you take a slight step forward, act like you are going to jump, look at your feet, that's your most powerful naturally explosive position.

    So, we find that, we are going to go down on the bar, keep our butt down, chest up, arms spread, elbows locked, head up, take a deep breath, extend slowly over the knees, as soon as you clear the knees rock back a little bit pushing the knees forward and explode. Explode with the hips, explode up on your toes and then shrug the bar, that's our triple extension. At the top of the triple extension, bend the arms up and snap the bar overhead, as you are pulling your arms up you will also pull yourself under the bar, this gets you back on to the ground after your jump as fast as possible so that you can get a solid base to locked that weight and hold it over head.

    Always remember regardless of the weight always take care, always get into the right position and treat it like it's real lift. Injuries rarely happen when you are performing your max effort, they always happen when you are something stupid. Good lift, down and that's how you snatch. Up next we are going to go over some of the supplemental lifts, they are going to help both the Clean and Jerk and the Snatch get stronger, faster, more efficient. We are going to go over things like the Dead Lift to increase your back and hip power and the Push Press to increase your shoulders and triceps power.

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