Online Coupons for Online Retailers

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Coupon expert Ering Gifford discusses how to save big money using online coupons and coupon codes.

    Ering Gifford: I am Ering Gifford of couponcravings.

    com and I am showing you how to save big money using coupons. In this segment we will focus on online coupons and coupon codes. Because you should never buy anything online without using a coupon code, I will show you the best places across the web to find online coupons. First there are coupons code aggregators like retailmenot.

    com and currentcodes.

    com. These sites compile shopping codes from across the web for retailers like Ann Taylor Loft, Jim Barry, etcetera. Just type in the retailer you want to shop and instantly you will find out if there is any great codes for discounts or free shipping deals. A third way to get great online coupons is by getting on the E-mail list of your favorite retailers. Often they will send out new coupons every couple of weeks to entice you to shop at their stores. A quick word of advice is set up an extra E-mail account if you are going to be signing up for lots of offers, so that you are not overwhelmed by E-mail for special promotions and coupons. So thats how we save money using online coupons. And now we will move on to saving big money using coupons at the grocery store.