Online Shopping – Description & Sizing Information

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Greg Towe, L.L. Bean’s Outdoor Clothing and Equipment specialist, demonstrates how to shop for clothing online including description and sizing information.

    Greg Towe: Hi! I am Greg Towe with L.

    L. Bean and today I am talking to you about ordering clothes online. Now, we are going to talk about understanding product descriptions and sizing information. Many websites have a number of key features, one being an overview. It will give you an overview of the garment that you are selecting, it will give you a brief description of different qualities that the garment may have. Many websites also have a Details section which will show you -- it will give more of an in-depth description of what the features and benefits of the product are.

    You can then go into a sizing chart which will you more detailed information into what the sizing information will be and how that relates to the measuring. Later we will talk to you about how to go about measuring four of these various things, so that you can use this conversion chart. Another key feature of most websites is they will have customer reviews which will give you an idea of how customers that have already purchased this item have found it and what they think of it. Then there is a key features too that most websites will have and there is an Ask an Expert. It can be a key interactive, live chat session, it can also be an e-mail based session and then they can also provide a retail place for you to shop, so if there is something that you wanted to see in a store and you had more questions you could actually go into an actual store environment and see the product there.

    When thinking about sizing, you want to think about different elements that maybe included in a Men's for instance, the garment that you maybe picking maybe available in a tall or a regular and now one of the things about the tall is due to the effect that there is more material involved in making them. Sometimes there is a price difference in a tall and regular size for men. Also in Women's one of the things to keep in mind is there are several different aspects of women clothing that can be a Misses which is typically a regular size, larger sizes in the women sizes and then there can also be Petites.

    So you want to make sure the retailer you are selecting see whether they have those items in stock and available in the petite sizes and in some cases one thing that you maybe ordering maybe available in a petite or maybe available in a women size, but the next item is not. So, you want to make sure that those are things you are checking on in terms of availability of these different sizes. When thinking about fabric choices there are lot of choices out there and one of things that you want to do is take a look at what Detail section on the website that you are using has to say about the different fabric that you maybe choosing. Some of your cashmeres and wools are going to be more time intensive in terms of what they are going to be able to have to have in terms of maintenance. So, you are going to have to take a look at what these sections say and this detail section here it shows us that this zip cashmere hoodie is a Hand Wash Only item and needs to dry flat. So, while it's not a Dry Clean Only Item which is good, it also still has some special care instructions that are going to be intricate in how we take care of the garment.

    So when thinking about fit you want to look for places on your website that will tell you about what the fit is going to be like of the garment. Of course since the garment you are shopping for online, so here there is a spot that tells us that this garment is slightly fitted falls at the hip. Now, for someone who is looking for more constricted and a little bit lower falling that maybe not the right garment to go for, but the key is, to take a look at the places that we have online on your retailer's web-site that will give you an idea about the fit. That covers sizing information and product descriptions. Next I will show you how to take body measurements for men.