Online Shopping – Shipping Methods & Payment

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Greg Towe, L.L. Bean’s Outdoor Clothing and Equipment specialist, demonstrates how to shop for clothing online including shipping methods and payment options.

    Greg Towe: Hi! I am Greg Towe with L.

    L. Bean and today we are talking about ordering clothes online. Right now we are talking about payment options and shipping methods. You have got some different options with each. So, one of the things we want to do is once you have reviewed your order and you have begun the Checkout process you are going to have to enter in your own personal information. You are going to have to enter in some billing information with some different options you may have for that. Once you have got that done, you are going to want to go to the shipping methods.

    So first option you may have if you are shipping a gift, you have a different option to put a shipping address in there. So, you can ship different gifts to different addresses and most websites kind of accommodate multiple recipients. There are different options with shipping. Most companies will do a standard fee, its between $5 and $8 for regular shipping. But, then there is expedited option as well. There can be two day air, you can do next day and different companies are going to have different shipping methods setup with either UPS, Fedex, DHL or the Postal Service. So, there are a number of different options. Typically the rule of thumb is, the quicker it is, the more expensive it is going to be.

    One of the things to consider is whether the company you are shopping with is running a promotion for shipping. Typically companies will run during various times of year different promotions. Maybe a promotion that's about spending a certain amount of money and you will get free shipping, sometimes it's a credit card and sometimes there is a gift card promotion. With L.

    L. Bean, we have an L.

    L. Bean Visa whereas if you have the L.

    L. Bean Visa you get free shipping and free return shipping on any purchase that you make. The thing to keep in mind with these deals is that typically those apply to the regular shipping and any expedited service is still going to incur an additional cost. Once you have got all of that information lined up and you are ready to place your order, you will go ahead and place your order and once that is established and the company has let you know that there is an order that has been placed, you will usually have one last option to make sure to complete the order absolutely last chance to cancel the order. So, at that point once you have clicked that, you want to consider how you are going to track this shipment that you are going to be receiving. Couple of different options that you have there too. You can print out the manifest, typically that prints up and says, your order is complete and has your order number and some tracking information, you can print that.

    A paper list option is to have the invoice e-mailed to you which will have the tracking information. Also usually has a link to what the tracking number will be, so the company will allow you to then click on there and you can track your package so that you can know when you will be receiving your items. If it is a gift you can also then forward that information on to someone that maybe receiving the gift, so in case it doesnt show up that they have the tracking information as well. Thats shipments methods and payment options. Hope you have got a lot of useful tips on how to shop online and thank you for watching.