Online Shopping – Shopping Basket & Checkout Process

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Greg Towe, L.L. Bean’s Outdoor Clothing and Equipment specialist, demonstrates how to shop for clothing online including the shopping basket and checkout process.

    Greg Towe: Hi! I am Greg Towe and today I am talking to you about buying clothes online. Now, we are going to talk about the online Shopping Basket and the Checkout Process. Once you have selected your garment, your item that you are going to purchase make sure that it is available in the color and size that you are looking for. So, here we have eight different color options, so we are going to select a size and then select whichever color we are looking for and once you have selected the size some of the websites will come up with different availability levels. So, there is a Check Availability button and there is also -- here it let's us know that the chocolate brown and the cream are available at dates that are later than what are currently shipping for.

    So, those are good things to remember as you are going through and making your selections. Once we have made a selection then we can go through and it gives us an approximate delivery time. So, that's key to keep in mind in case you are ordering a gift or in case you are under some sort of deadline to receive the item. So, here it tells us that it is going to be three to five business days. And what we want to do then is once we have selected the color and size of the garment and we know which garment we are going to choose, we add it to our shopping bag. Well, now we have got a little header that comes up and shows us that, hey, this is what is going on in our shopping bag. So, we can either check out now or continue shopping. The other thing that is key to know before you go to the Checkout Process is that it gives us a complete run down of what's going on. Now, different websites are going to differ exactly how this goes, but for the most part they all are going to be the same and either have a shopping bag or shopping cart. As we go to the Checkout Center, it will show us exactly what we have ordered, so in case there are somethings that you erroneously clicked on or selected or if someone else selected them for you while you were away from the computer, you can kind of review your order and make sure that everything lines up with what you were thinking.

    There is also some key-features on most websites that will allow you in case you recall the way to do something else that will allow you to save what your shopping bag or shopping cart was and wait until later. You can also have the Remove button in case you have made the wrong selection. Key-features that some websites are also utilizing these days are key things that might go along with this. So, items that you might also consider and here it has got a long list of items that we might consider along with the sweatshirt that we have chosen. It also asks if it is a gift or if there are other items, if there are special packaging needs and things of that nature that we may have and that's great because a lot of websites are -- especially if we get into the holidays we will let you know those kinds of things. Gives us our shipping information which is key, it maybe a little bit more than what we were wanting to pay so that is a good key indicator to keep in mind.

    One of the other options that you may want to consider to set up an account name which will be password protected. The benefits of doing something of that nature is that it keeps your history for you, so the company will recognize you once you log in. It will also may be have some different benefits for you in terms of credit cards or in terms of other benefits that they may have for you being a return shopper. So those are all those to consider as well. It also saves you time in the Checkout Process in terms of having shipping information and things like that already on file and it makes it easier if you are going to ship a gift to some other address, you can just add that in, but yet it will be billed to you. So also something to consider. Thats a little bit about the Shopping Basket and Checkout Process. Next we are going to talk about shipping methods and payment options.