Operation of a Gas Leaf Blower

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Outdoor power equipment expert and ECHO Incorporated representative Dan Rosenberger shows you how to operate a gas leaf blower.

    Dan Rosenberger: Hi! I'm Dan with ECHO Incorporated with the video series, How to use and maintain your gas blower? So before operation there are some few things you need to do. You need to clear all obstructions from your yard. You don't want to trip on anything while you are blowing your leaves. Second thing you do is you want to make sure everybody's out of the yard before you begin blowing. Make sure all your pets and children are out of the yard. Next step, you want to check with your local city municipalities to make sure that there's no ordinances for noise or time of use with your gas blower. And third is you never want to point your blower at anybody. While blowing material, you want to make sure, you don't want to blow anything in their face. For more information visit Echo's website to download a brochure that gives you more regulations and how to on your gas blower. Now that I've showed you how that start your engine from a cold and warm starting position. Let's talk about the operation. You want to use your blower in side to side motion, so move the material wherever you want it. On a small job, you want to use a handheld blower which is lightweight and easily maneuverable. On a big job like this, you may consider a backpack model which is going to give you more performance and more ability to move more leaves. On this specific unit, there's features that are very good for a homeowner. First is the bent tubing, the rotational control. Small blowers have the tendency to move side to side. This feature actually keeps the blower straight in line with your body and easily maneuverable. Another feature the gas leaf blowers have are cruise control. Instead of moving the throttle up and down which will put fatigue on your hand and your arm. You can set the throttle full, leave your hand off and the trigger will stay full throttle. This is used in long applications to keep moving material and to keep your hand from getting fatigue. So let's get started. I am going to put my hearing protection on, grab my blower and get ready to get the job done. Now that we're finished with the operation of your handheld blower, this is a backpack model. It's mounted on a bracket which just fits on your back with two straps. Padding it against your back and the engine is separated by metal springs. These metal springs are designed to take out the vibration from the engine to your back. This is controlled by a snake control, throttle up and throttle back. Many advantages of a backpack blower are easy, maneuverability, less gyroscopic force while controlling the blower. This is the machine that you want to have while clearing a large open space. Backpack blower is simple to get on and off. With the straps loose, simply slide your arm through the straps and then tighten. Simply pull the throttle down, put it in the on position and you are ready to go. Now we have got our gas blower, gassed up and ready to go. I am going to put my hearing protection on and get ready to blow some leaves. Well, the job is done. This yard took us between 15 to 20 minutes to finish, start, finish. We decided to dispose the leaves by blowing them to a tarp and dumping the leaves. There's other ways you can dispose your leaves. You can put them in a bag and take the bag to the side of the road or you could take and blow the leaves to the side of the road and let the town pick them up. Thirdly, you have an option of buying a product that is a Shred-N-Vac, so you are going to suck up the leaves. It's going to break them down and you are going to get about 12 bags into 1 bag. So now we're going to talk about routine maintenance and long term storage of your gas leaf blowers.