Orange and Grilled Pork Salad

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Phil Anderson demonstrates how to make orange and grilled pork salad.

    Phil Anderson: Hi! I'm chef Phil Anderson, the Executive Chef at Harris Teeter. I'm going to make an orange and grilled pork salad today. It's going to be a hot and cold salad, and this could be really neat. I'll take a pound of pork loin here, I've sliced it very thin, and we're going to go out and grill it, I have preheated the grill. We're going to grill it up and that's what's going to be the hot dynamic of this whole thing. This is romaine lettuce, it's one head.

    I have a one cup of broccoli and one cup of carrots. We have a grit and grind going on. Half a cup of white wine vinegar and half a cup of olive oil. I have one cup of the orange juice, a lot of pulp in it. Another ingredient for a vinaigrette is this salt free herb and garlic blend. I have got four tablespoons here. You can find it on the isles or spice isle under all kinds of different labels. So the first thing we're going to do is we're going to go get this pork cooked off. So let's get that going. Okay, we've got our grill preheated over 400 degrees because these are cut pretty thinly. We're going to cook pretty fast. The protein in them is going to stick to the bar grills, and we've got this going over direct heat. Direct heat meaning, these are full blown on so, and we're going to cook these all the way through over direct heat. Now remember pork has to cook till internal temperature of a 150 degrees. I can't put the pork back on this plate. So, I have got to wash this plate, it'll be cross contamination. So I'll be right back, I'll turn these, it will be close to being done. Okay, clean that up real nice, I am going to flip these over. Now what we typically could do and what I do often is I will mark it to get the marks sign on it, and the nice smokiness of the flavor notes. And then I will move them over to the indirect heat and then cover. Now what that does, is it keeps the pork very moist. But now in this case, we're going to have a salad dressing going over the top of it, so moisture isn't really something that we really need. We're going to have plenty of moisture. Okay, we're going to flip it over two more times, once, once again now, total time on this is about, maybe eight minutes. I could even put this down, if I wanted to accelerate the cook. Let's do that for a minute or so. It's at about 350 degrees, but it's going to heat up really fast because we've closed that cover. And it's going to heat up to 400 pretty quickly. We're going to turn it one more time, and then it'll be ready to go. Okay, I think, we're ready. Let's take them off. Okay, our pork is done, we're going to go back into the kitchen and finish our salad, okay? Out of the grill and ready to slice. This is really nice, we're going to just Julianne this cut. Okay, we're going to mix that up a little bit. So that it can get in there the and then I'm going to throw the broccoli in and the carrots in, and just add up to. We're going to make our vinaigrette, it's really, it's not a suspended vinaigrette, which means there is an emulsifier in there, we don't have an emulsifier. But what we're going to do, is add the orange juice and the vinegar and the salt free herb and garlic blend. We're going to mix that up really well.

    Now if you can, we will up some salt and pepper in there. Some people can have salt or too much salt, you wouldn't want to add that in there if you are not supposed to add salt. It's just a touch. So while I'm whisking away, I'm going to slowly put the olive oil in. Now this helps to suspend the oil and vinegar, so that when we dress our salad, we won't have that acid at the bottom of the bowl and it will be mixed thoroughly. Now I'm going to pour this over to our salad here. Voila! Okay, now we're going to toss this and there you have it, orange and grilled pork salad. Awesome! Enjoy it.