Organic Baby Food for 8-12 Month Olds

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Certified health counselor Lisa Wilson discusses organic baby food for 8-12 month olds.

    Lisa Wilson

    Lisa Wilson is a Certified Health, Nutrition and Wellness Counselor and a Certified Fitness Trainer. She is the founder of Nourished, LLC and Parkfit, Outdoor Fitness for Women. She helps busy families incorporate healthy meals into their life on a regular basis. As the mother of three, Lisa is passionate about proper nourishment for growing children. She works with clients seeking weight loss, sugar reduction, cholesterol control, hormone balance, emotional issues, wellness, prevention, renewed energy and balance and more. Lisa offers individual and group counseling. Individuals are often referred to her practice by area doctors. She also offers a cooking class series in the home or office! The classes cover kitchen basics, intermediate classes and classes on stepping it up to ultimate health! Lisa earned her undergraduate degree from the College of Saint Benedict in Minnesota. She received her training as a Health Counselor through a program with Columbia University, at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in Manhattan. She lives and works in McLean, Virginia.

    Hi, I'm Lisa Wilson, Certified Health Counselor here in Northern Virginia. I help busy families incorporate healthy meals into their lives on a regular basis, and it starts with the baby. Today were focusing on baby ages 8-12 months. I'm going to walk you through the steps, show you just how easy it is, you can do it right in your own kitchen. All you need to get started is a food processor, so let's go. When you first introduce your baby to food, the first 4-8 months, youre really just introducing them, letting them get to know the textures, letting them learn how to use their tongue. So, were really just sticking to the basics, some root vegetables, maybe some carrots, some sweet potatoes, some broccoli. An excellent first choice for fruits is bananas, avocados. You may have already introduced your baby to mangoes or pears or apples, if they have been cooked. So, I'm just going to go ahead and show you. I have steamed some broccoli for us today, let me show you how beautiful the color is. You can do this one of three ways; you can either bake it, do a water saut or steam it. Like I said, I have steamed mine. I'm just going to go ahead and pop this into the food processor. You can see how beautiful the color is, smells delicious, it smells incredible, I can eat it right now. That's it, we don't need anything, we don't need any spices, we don't need any salt, youre just going to take a little bit of mother's milk, mix it right in there. Again, to this point youre still taking your cues from your baby, meeting with the consistency. If they can handle a little bit of chunkier consistency, go ahead, go ahead, add a little less milk. Now, our broccoli is not going to get as smooth as say maybe a cauliflower. So, this one is a little watery. If your baby is, like I said, ready for something thicker, go ahead, add less milk, but you can see how beautiful this is. This is more for earlier baby. This is actually the consistency you want to be starting with. You can see how beautiful that is, give it a smell, its actually delicious, your baby is going to love that.