Organize Kid’s Room – Clothing

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Betsy Fein with Clutterbusters demonstrates the different options available for organizing clothing.

    Betsy Fein: Hi, I am Betsy Fein with Clutterbusters and in this video were going to be talking about how to organize your kids rooms. Now in this segment I want to talk to you about the different options you have for organizing the clothing. One option is you can put all the clothing into drawers. Another option is you can actually hang all the clothing. So in this situation what weve done is we have hung all the clothing, okay? What we did we bought a very inexpensive double rod. So it gave us twice the amount of space in my closet. Okay it makes it really easy for him to decide what he wants to pick out everyday. So how do you like to keep your closet organized?

    Speaker: I just like to keep my shirts on the top just like my shirt wearing on the top.

    Betsy Fein: Okay.

    Speaker: My pants on the bottom like wearing my pants right now on the bottom.

    Betsy Fein: Awesome. Okay so let's now move on over to the drawers so we can show you what we have done over there. Okay awesome! What I want to do is show you some options you can do for dresser drawers. So what weve decided to do in this dresser is just by a very inexpensive plastic container to organize the socks.

    Okay now in this drawer again what we have done is buy an inexpensive divider. So you can keep track of all of the different underwear. It just makes it a lot neater. Next thing I want to talk about is setting up a donation station. Over here what I have done is giving you an example. Its just a bin with donate on it. You want to set up a station where its going to be very accessible for your family.

    Some people want it in the laundry room, some people like it in their closet, their garage, whatever works for your family is great. So the benefits of having it easily accessible is that youre going to actually use it and what happens is youre going to get a tax reduction, youre going to have less cluttered house and youre also going to giveaway items to families that really need it.

    Another option for labeling for younger children may be to just take a picture of the item and put it right on the drawer. You can download a picture online. In our situation we thought itll fun to pick out a picture from the magazine. Doesnt that make it easier to see like whats in the drawers?

    Kid: Yeah its very great and so when I wake up I just open it and get my pants.

    Betsy Fein: Awesome, coming up in our next segment were going to be talking about kids art and what to do with it.