Organize Kid’s Room – Storage and Maintaining

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Betsy Fein with Clutterbusters demonstrates how to store stuff and how to teach your kids to maintain the organization.

    Betsy Fein: Hi, I am Betsy Fein with Clutterbusters and in this video were going to be talking about how to organize your kids room. In this segment what I want to do is talk about how to store the stuff and how to teach your kids to maintain what youve done. So a good tip is to remember the four ps.

    The first is pattern. If you can set up a pattern with your children that they are comfortable with then its easier for them to maintain the organization that youve done. It actually takes 21 days to change a habit and to form a habit. So once you have the pattern set, then your goal done.

    Okay the next p to remember is place. You have heard it before a place for everything and its really true if you find a home for the items, its going to be a lot easier for your kids to maintain what youve done. The third thing in the ps is pegs. Its really easy for kids to keep track of coats and scarves and other items if they are on pegs and really at a height thats really easy for them to keep track of.

    And the fourth p is plastic bins. How do you keep track of everything? Well these are a couple items that we have our plastic bins, that can really make it easier to maintain the clutter. So the first thing is this is just a really big red bin in which you can keep track of almost anything. Its something like you need to sit down with your children and figure out what the best item is going to be further to maintain it.

    This could be used for shoes or scarves or books or anything thatll be great. Another bin. Its just a plastic basket that we have had. Its actually reusable from a present we got and there is really no right answer. Use your imagination on what you want to store here. Hair supplies, berets, pencils, I mean use your imagination. There is really no right answer for this and again just some more plastic bins to use. Now in here weve actually done a little art project and designed a box to keep track of items. Again use your imagination you can store any items you want in here. There is no right answer.

    Just whatever works for you. With all these items and all the bins that we talked about it takes time to figure out whats going to work best for you and you have to figure out with your children what works for them? Not necessarily what works for you as a parent but if you want them to maintain it you need to find out that what works for them. So in our next segment were going to be talking about how to organize your kids clothing.