Organizing a Storage Space: Assembling a Storage Box

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jennifer from Organized Living demonstrates how to assemble a storage box.

    Jennifer Castenson: Hi! I am Jennifer with Organized Living, and today we are learning how to create efficient storage system for any area of your home. Now we are going to look at assembling an O Box. O Box is short for Organizational box. O Boxes can be used any where throughout your home. For instance, you can use an O Box for drawers in your closet, to remove the need for a dresser in your bedroom, or you can use O Boxes in your pantry with sliding doors to hold your bulky items, or in a linen closet so your linens don't collect dust. Let's get started. First, you are going to take the right and left-hand side of the O Boxes that are marked with an L and R and place the brackets. Next, you will take the top and bottom and add the connector bolts. After the connecting bolts are placed, make sure the cams are open on the left and right-hand side panels and attach them to the top and bottom of the O Box. Then tighten the cams securely.

    Now we will be installing the glides on the inside of the drawers. You want to open each glide and take out the top piece by pulling the black tab. Then you attach the outer glides to the inside of the O Box, the back of the glide, the rear bumper should go towards the back of the O Box. Now that we have the O Box complete with the drawer glides attached we are going to build the drawer boxes. Take the top of the drawers and install the connecting bolts. Now you will take the bottom of the drawers and put wood screws on each side. Now you make sure that the cams are open to receive the top of the drawer, the front of the drawer. Now we will insert the drawer bottoms and install the drawer fronts. Drawer bottoms easily slide into place. Then be sure the cams are open and install the drawer fronts. After they are in place you want to tighten the cams. Now we will install the drawer handles. I recommend keeping the drawer flat, it's easier to install the handles. The brackets go towards the top of the O Box. Now I also recommend pulling out the drawers glides, now you can push in the drawers matching them up with the glides. You have now officially completed assembling an O Box. Now, coming up next, we are going to install the rest of the components on the rail to complete you storage system.