Organizing a Storage Space: Installing the Rail System

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jennifer from Organized Living demonstrates how to install the rail system for your storage space.

    Jennifer Castenson: Hi! I am Jennifer with Organized Living, and today we are learning how to install a storage system in any area of your home. Now we are going to look at placing the components onto the rail. You can see we have all of the components in front of us and we are going to hang them one in time onto the hang rail. First, we will take the uprights. The uprights go on to the rail using the slot on the top back of the upright. Slide the upright onto the rail using a slot. You want to start with all the uprights side-by-side and install the brackets next. Install the brackets according to your design. The brackets easily snap into place. On the left-hand side of the closet we will have double hang. And on the right-hand side of the closet we are going to have a couple of shelves. Now that all the brackets are in place we can spread the uprights out. When you have O Boxes in your design you always want to install them first, and you always want to install the lowest O Box first. Our design has a shoe cubby, an O Box shoe cubby in the bottom right-hand corner, so we will start with that. When installing the O Box, the brackets go in to the upright and the brackets always go into the outer holes of the upright. The O Box easily slides in to place. Next, we will install the two drawer O Box. Now that the second O Box is placed, we are going to place the top shelf. We have three more shelves to install. Now that we have all the shelves in place, we can attach the shelf locators. The shelf locator has adhesive on one side and inserts into the bracket on the other side. A shelf locator can be placed in each bracket to keep the shelf from sliding back and forth. Now we will place the closet rods. The rod clips insert into the bottom of the holes of the bracket and they snap in place. Now that the rod clips are in place, we will get the closet rods ready. Take a rod stop, put it in each end of the closet rod and tighten it. Now that the rod stops are in, you can place it into the rod clips and pull down until it snaps into place. Now that our adjustable storage system is nearly complete, we have one more option to look at. With an adjustable system, the advantage is you can move components up, down, left or right without any tools and at any time. Let's look at another option which is a ventilated shelf. Ventilated shelves are good for a linen closet, where you want your linens to breathe or maybe a pantry situation. To install a ventilated shelf, you would use a ventilated bracket that has a notch in the middle. Place the brackets into the uprights. Take the ventilated shelf and position the center rod over the notch in the bracket. Then while putting pressure on the center rod and lifting up on the front of the shelf, and it easily snaps into place. Congratulations! You have installed a storage system. Now we are going to look at how to organize your space and keep it organized. Let's go.