Organizing a Storage Space: Installing the Rail

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jennifer from Organized Living demonstrates how to install the rail for your storage space.

    Jennifer Castenson: Hi! I am Jennifer with Organized Living, and today we are learning how to install a storage system in any area of your home. Now we are going to look at installing the rail. To install the rail, the first thing you need to do is measure up 84 inches from the floor. We install 84 inches because most ceilings are 96 inches tall, and you will want 12 inches for your top shelf in order to store items. Once you measure up 84 inches, you will mark it on the wall with a pencil then draw a level line using a level. Pull the rail from the left side of the wall and position the rail so that the line is visible through the center of the mounting holes. Then mark the holes with your pencil. Now you can pre-drill the marked holes with a 5/16 inch drill and tap the anchors into the holes. Next, you want to place the rail back on the wall over the anchors and hand twist the screws into the anchors to hold the rail in place while you grab the drill. Tighten the screws with the drill. This part is important, after the screw goes flushed to the rail keep turning the screw for 6-8 four rotation so that anchor tightens into a ball behind the drywall. Don't be nervous about stripping the anchor, you cannot over tighten the screw and the anchor. When you have a design with multiple rails, completely install the rail on the furthest left-hand side, then butt the second rail up against the first rail, and continue the installation process. Then the last step, go ahead and place cover stickers over screw heads for a cleaner look. Now that the rail is installed, coming up next we will show you how to assemble an O Box and place the components.