Organizing a Storage Space: Measure and Plan the Space

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jennifer from Organized Living demonstrates how to measure and plan the space you’re going to use for storage.

    Jennifer Castenson: Hi! I am Jennifer at the Organized Living, and today we are talking about how to create an efficient storage space. One of the most important parts of doing it is planning it so that it's right for you. And you can create an efficient storage system for any area of the home and it will more than double your storage space. Now let's get started measuring. In planning and measuring your space, you'll want to get the following measurements. You want to get the width, the depth, the height of the closet in addition to the baseboard. First measure the width of the closet. You want to do this at the floor, near to the floor, and close to the ceiling; and sometimes these measurements differ. Then measure the depth of the closet from the door to the back wall. Then measure the height, and measure the baseboard. You will want to measure the baseboard to make sure that any product you install does not interfere with it. So as you can see from this graphic our final measurements came out to be 24 inches deep, 50 inches wide, and 96 inches tall. Now that we have all the measurements let's talk about planning your space. When you are planning a closest space, you need to think about who is going to be using the space, how they like to keep their things organized, if they like to have things folded and put away, or if they like to have things hung? And then you can use a simple rule which is 50, 25, 25. 50% double hang, 25% long hang, and 25% shelving. If it's a kids closest, the key is to have an adjustable system that can change as your child grows. For instance, you can go from triple hang to double hang. When you are working with a pantry, you need to think about what would be stored in that space. Do you need wire shelving, solid shelving, or do you have a lot of bulky items that need to go inside our baskets? So there are a lot of things to ask yourself before planning the space. Make sure you cover everything so you can maintain a well organized space that is suited for you.

    Now, that we planned and measured the space. Let's start the first part of the installation.