Orlando – Arts and Culture

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Orlando has a rich and diverse Arts & Culture scene thanks to its burgeoning artist community. There is plenty to do, from Broadway Theater to a visit to one of its many renowned museums and art galleries.

    Female Speaker: The same creativity and innovation seen in Orlando's theme parks over flows to make the area a heaven for artists and performers.

    Margot H. Knight: Orlando to me is all about creativity. Our major theme parks were built on the backbones of artist. Here the number one performers in the whole country.

    Female Speaker: Many of Orlando's most arts offerings can be found along its cultural corridor; an eight mile stretch along interstate. These galleries, museums, and performance centers offer the perfect compliment to Orlando's many other attractions.

    Scott Habes: One of the amazing things about Orlando is that there are so many museums. We have our Renaissance Art one gallery or cutting-edge and temporary photography in another gallery. So a visitor can get a best of way of experiences of art here in Orlando.

    Female Speaker: Museum lovers will appreciate the Charles Hosmer Morse museum of American art; home to the world's most comprehensive collection of Tiffany stained glass or the Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Gardens with it's collection of American representational sculpture.

    The Orlando Museum of Art houses a large collection of many notable works. Orlando's commitment to placing art in pubic spaces has helped it develop its moniker as the City Beautiful. More than 900 works of art are publicly displayed throughout the city.

    John Whipple: What lot of people don't know about Orlando is that it's been a destination for many, many artists and these artists have brought a lot of talent to Orlando, their luck what we expect.

    Female Speaker: For an evening of culture the Bob Carr Performing Art Center plays host to the city's ballet and full harmonic orchestra; as well as the annual broad-way series; Broad-way Across America.

    Debbie Komanski: The theater scene in Orlando is probably one of the most dynamic in the United States. There are more theater groups doing a wider variety of theater that you will find in almost any city of this size in our country.

    Female Speaker: Theaters of all sizes dot the down landscape presenting everything from the classics to off broad-way shows, fringe, and children's productions.

    A variety of festivals fill out Orlando's cultural calendar including January's Zora Neale Hurston Festival of the Arts and Humanities and ArtsFest which takes place each February.

    Caroltn Fennell: There are number of cultural events that can be experienced in Orlando. The Zora Neale Hurston Festival is here and the festival is held in Eatonville, the oldest black chartered community in America. It's a great experience.

    Female Speaker: The Orlando International Fringe Fest is a multi-day event held each Spring and film lovers won't want to miss the Florida Film Festival in April; featuring the best in cutting-edge cinema and a star-packed attendee list. Another major festival is Calle Orange; a huge Latin festival that covers the entire downtown Orlando area in October.

    If it's history you seek, visitors can trace the city's route with visits to the Orange County Regional History Center and the Wells' Built Museum of African American history and culture, both housed in unique historic buildings.

    Get out and explore Orlando. It's rich array of arts, theater and cultural events are among the unexpected treasures waiting for you to uncover in this culturally diverse city.