Orlando – Cuisine

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Explore the diversity and options of Orlando’s culinary arts, from celebrity chefs to international dining.

    Female Speaker: When it comes to dining in Orlando, expect the unexpected. While the culinary landscape will no doubt please families of all sizes, it's also captured the attention of many discerning foodies with its robust selection of unique restaurants and it's international flair. Michael Hennessey: Food scene in Orlando has tremendously diverse. Orlando brings in these chefs from all over the world and they put on these tremendous dinners and it's one of the fastest growing food centers.

    Female Speaker: A good place to experience Orlando's rising culinary scene is Sand Lake Road, known to locals as Restaurant Row. Here you'll find a large selection of the region's best eatery serving everything from Italian to Lebanese to seafood and steaks.

    Through out Orlando you'll also discover some of the best cuisine from around the world. Unique international dishes are served up from both small independent restaurants and nationally recognized favorites.

    Scott Joseph : One of the most surprising things you are going to find when you come to Orlando is the diversity of our restaurants and the quality of our restaurants, we really have some world class restaurants and dining venues here.

    Female Speaker: Orlando's food scene has attracted well-known chefs skilled in elevating imagination to a culinary art form. Here you will meals designed by Emeril Lagasse, Norman Van Aken, Cat Cora, Donna Scala and Todd English.

    Danielle Courtemay: Orlando is a very eclectic dining experiencing. We've got world renowned chefs, chefs you see on food network that have restaurants here.

    aFemale Speaker: Orlando's theme parks are also teaming with a wide array of dining options from fine restaurants to character dining and of course, plenty of fast food venues, if you are not ready to leave the park, you will find a wide range of options.

    If you prefer a side order of theatrics Orlando will serve it up with themes dining options complete with medieval knights, Arabian horses or even a pirate or two. Scott Joseph : Orlando of course is known for it's themed restaurants, we have pirates dinner adventure, Arabian nights, medieval times where you can go and watch a jousting match.

    Female Speaker: The city's imagination soaring character and themed dining experiences offer a place where fantasy and reality meet at meal time. From fun casual meals that fit the bill for hungry visitors to exceptional one of a kind dining experiences, there is no lack of culinary diversity in and around Orlando.